As questions come up from people I will try to update and organise the questions here. If you have any questions please feel free to message us and we will try to come back to you as we can. Here a few for starters

Q. So what will happen with Education for the Kids?

A.We have enrolled Cam in they Sydney Distance Education School. (steps.net/school)

The school will post or send materials via Apps downloaded on Cams iPad. Although we will do the day to day instruction, it will be a structured process with regular a check in with his teacher over skype from the Distance Education School.

Q. Have you always sailed?k You must be confident to do something like this.

A. We only started to sail big boats 2 years ago when we joined a company called Sailtime that has yacht memberships. We were first on a Benetau Oceanis 37 (monohull) then moved to the Lagoon 400 catarmaran. Sailtime take you out for two days of orientation on the yacht you have a membership of and if happy will sign you off to take the yacht out on your own.

Sailtime also enter boats in to various twilight races and invite members to come along and enjoy a social race and meet other members. For members wanting a bit for of a challenge Sailtime Australia also join bigger races such as the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour race that Guy joined.

As we prepared for the trip we also completed various RYA sailing courses such as 1) Competent Crew. 2) Day Skipper. 3) Sea Safety Survival. 4) Marine First aid. 5) Navigation Theory.

Q. How will you keep the kids Safe while you are sailing?

A. Common Sense Prevails. When we are under way everyone wears a life jacket when outside. We thought about nets however have decided not to get them. We may change out minds on this but for now it’s how we are going to play it. Living 24/7 together in a limited space, we tend to know where everyone is at most times. Seriously, games of hide and seek don’t last long.

Q.With most of Europe now part of the EU and Schengen Visa scheme, how will you be able to stay for the whole season on an Aussie Passport.

A. Although Guy and the boys have an Australian Passport, Zoe is fortunate enough to have duel citizenship between England and Australia.Guy will be applying for a “resident visa as a spouse of and EU Citizen” This means that we will be able to stay in Greece for the duration of the visa. Any time spent in another EU nation will not accrue on the Schengen visa if we are travelling together.