The Crew

Guy Head

Captn Guy – Well now, Captn Guy finds it hard to talk about himself!

Many people know Captn Guy in many different scenarios and will have varying opinions of him.

The bottom line is, Captn Guy is a knock around fellow how likes trying new things. Hopefully the hard shell of the past 15 years of real life will be broken away and you who meet me now will have a better view of the real Captn Guy.

 Guy’s goal for this year is many fold.

  1. Reconnect with my sons and teach them to live, love, be confident in themselves and enjoy the differences that make the world different.
  2. Move away from who I have become and find a mid way back to who I was.
  3. To strengthen my relationship with the woman I gave my life to.
  4. Lose some weight FatBoy

 Oh hang on, don’t forget, I need to laugh. Its not life without laughter!


 zoe crew

The Admiral (Zoe) – Behind every good Captn is the Admiral that organises. How could anyone take a year off with out spreadsheets or lists.

 Zoe’s goal for this adventure – “Embrace spontaneity and discover balance.”

Cam crew 

 First mate Cam – The  gentle giant of the crew, Cam is a head taller than most of his 9 year old peers. This should come in handy looking for submerged rocks up front. With his sense of humour and quickly developing knowledge of sarcasm, it should make for a wonderful time for all.

Cam’s goal for this year – “Is to make it to the top of the mast in the bosun’s Chair”


 max crew

 Mad Max – the youngest of the crew at 4 years is Max. Max believes we are going around the world and doesn’t even blink and eye. Well known for his cheeky smile and ease with introducing himself to new people and making friends, I am sure his skills will come in handy to help us meet new people as we travel around for the coming year.

Max’s goal for this adventure – “Play Putt Putt Golf and learn to Swim”