It’s been a long journey but it’s finally begun, almost!!

So before we left Australia, I adamantly said that I would have a blog up and going and will send everyone the link. As I sit here in a cafe/bar in Vathi on the Island of Ithaca in Greece, I am only now really having time to reflect on what has been happening over the past 4 months. The question now is how the hell do I get this web/blog site live and up on the net  and add 4 months of content to explain what has been happening in the life of the Eilbeck 4 and No Plans Just Options.

After I finish this current blog post, I will endeavour to find somewhere with enough internet connection for me to upload the website details and make it live.

So as a start and a finish, we now have a boat and are living on it. Most of you probably already know that from other forms of social media and communication but hey, thats the competition between Zoe and I at the moment. Who can get the update/post out there first.

So stay tuned and I will try to back date as quickly as I can.

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